Wake Up Yoga & Writing Retreats

The Mindful Journey: Meditation and Writing Workshop

Mindfulness and Writing Workshop at the Lando Center, Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin June 20-21, 2018

Join us for gentle, easy mindfulness meditations and writing exercises that will enhance creativity in all areas of life. Learn to use meditation and mindfulness skills to combine awareness of the present moment with writing to deepen every experience. Give your true voice space to roam and reawaken your intuitive self through guided exercises, discussions, and reflections. Appropriate for beginning meditators/writers as well as those with more experience. Class writing will be considered private and there will be no expectation that members share their work.

Enhance Your Life and Creativity with present moment writing.

You will learn:

– Brief meditations and writing prompts for staying centered
– The art of paying close attention
– Written exercises and prompts to enrich creativity and intuition
– Long, Slow, Deep Breathing Practice
– Body Awareness/Relaxation Practice

Workshop Dates: June 20, 21, 9-Noon, $95

HOW TO SIGN UP: Please contact the Lando Center in Land O Lakes, WI. 715-547-6333, info@landocenter.com. Fee for the class is $95 for the two days.

Upside and Down: Exploring Perspective through Writing and Yoga

Yoga and Writing Retreat at The Christine Center, Willard, WI July 29 to Aug. 2, 2018

Through yoga we open ourselves to possibility. Our bodies stretch and grow strong, our spirits are deepened, and our minds relax and renew. When the body, spirit, and mind are united, amazing things happen. Integrating writing experiences with a yoga practice enriches and enlivens the opportunities for creative growth.

Looking at everything in a new way—right side up, upside down, or sideways will be our theme. We will practice a variety of yoga poses and writing techniques designed to help us view ourselves and our writing from new perspectives. Combining these modalities allows the inner and outer world to be explored through a different lens as we experiment, play, deepen, and grow.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi and writer, or just beginning to explore, you will grow from from this innovative workshop filled with techniques that can be applied to all levels of practice and all genres of writing. Time will be available for writing in silence as well as for optional sharing in a safe and supportive community.

Participants will return home with a greater awareness of how writing enhances a yoga practice as well as how a yoga practice enhances creativity.

Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson

Joanne’s writing appears in Brevity, Consequence, Redivider, The Riding Light Review, and others. She writes creative nonfiction, essays, commentaries on craft, and reviews. Joanne is a contributor to Lake Effect on 89.7 WUWM, the local NPR affiliate. In addition, she gives presentations on topics related to spirituality and writing, the personal essay, and creativity. Joanne lives in Hartland, Wisconsin where she develops and leads community writing programs, maintains a psychotherapy practice, and adjuncts. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars.
Sabré Page

Sabré Page

Sabré has been leading international yoga retreats in Mexico and Central America since 2013. She has routinely taught classes in Fort Collins, Colorado since 1998. She believes her prior experience as a Massage Therapist on Martha’s Vineyard for 11 years has enhanced her teaching immeasurably. Sabré has a B.A. from the University of Texas in Creative Writing and has taught writing workshops. She is also an avid hiker, a visual artist, and has published in The Sun magazine.


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