Restore and Re-story!
Wake up to living with creativity,
wisdom, and renewed intuition.

Workshops & Retreats

Gift yourself with time away! Easily learn to meditate and develop a mindfulness practice with our Just This Day programming. Enrich and empower your writing in the Wake Up! Mindful Writing offerings.


Deepen your skills and cultivate life-long habits in Just This Day and Wake Up classes designed to provide ongoing instruction and support.

Coffee Musings 

Getting Started

The stumbling block is often the desire to produce a product instead of simply play. We already picture ourselves published or meditating comfortably on a mountain top!

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Happenings at Wake Up the Writer Within

Wake Up the Writer Within
4 Wednesdays April 24 to May 15 
10:00 am to 11:00 am

Rediscover your love of writing! Join a group of supportive peers to write together and try out new ideas. We offer proven techniques to enhance creativity and time to write in a nurturing environment. Any sharing of class writing is completely optional. For additional info and registration contact Joanne at

Upside and Down: Exploring Perspective Through Writing and Yoga

Retreat at the Christine Center in Willard, WI  June 17 to June 20, 2019

Through yoga we open ourselves to possibility. Our bodies stretch, our spirits deepen, we relax and renew. Integrating writing experiences with yoga enriches opportunities for creative growth. For more info and registration info, click  Here!

Personalized Mindfulness and Writing Coaching

Contact Joanne at for registration information. 


Meet Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson’s Wake Up! Mindful Writing programs and Just This Day Meditation offerings allow participants to engage and awaken their creative and intuitive best selves while learning to restore and re-story.