Restore and Re-story!
Wake up to living with creativity,
wisdom, and renewed intuition.

Workshops & Retreats

Gift yourself with time away! Easily learn to meditate and develop a mindfulness practice with our Just This Day programming. Enrich and empower your writing in the Wake Up! Mindful Writing offerings.


Deepen your skills and cultivate life-long habits in Just This Day and Wake Up classes designed to provide ongoing instruction and support.

Happenings at Wake Up the Writer Within

Cultivating Balance and Cultivating Intention

The Center for Well-being in Hartland, WI

Nov. 6 and Nov. 20  6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

FEE: $25/class (or $45 if sign up for both at the same time)


Cultivating Balance…

Experience the holidays from a place of balance and perspective. Discover your center and learn how to stay grounded and connected to what really matters. Let this innovative workshop provide you with easy tools for staying present, open, and peaceful during these busy days. Guided writing, mindfulness exercises, discussion, and reflection will all be part of this relaxing evening of self-care.

Cultivating Intention…

What do you desire in your life? Everything we do begins with an intention. What intentions do you have for this holiday season? What are your intentions as you look towards a new year?

Our intentions are like seeds—if we ignore them, not much happens, but if we plant and nourish those seeds they can grow and flourish.

What do you want to plant in your life right now? What are you dreaming about, or holding in your heart?

Join me for writing activities and mindfulness exercises designed to help you nurture the seeds of your deepest intentions.

Contact Joanne at 262.361.3316 or for registration information.

Meet Joanne Nelson

Joanne Nelson’s Wake Up! Mindful Writing programs and Just This Day Meditation offerings allow participants to engage and awaken their creative and intuitive best selves while learning to restore and re-story.