It’s been a year of discovery not only in my writing, but also in how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation more completely into my life. Finding good resources are key when learning and trying new things. A site I find most helpful—and, as it is Madison based, a close-to-home organization I want to support—is The founder of The Center for Healthy Mind’s Richard Davidson, PhD is currently offering a free course (short videos, so far none are more than seven minutes) from Life Reimagined titled, Mindfulness and Meditation: Techniques that Can Help Improve Your Well-Being. Davidson has “found that by practicing a few specific meditation exercises, it’s possible to change your brain and build well-being.” He helps participants discover where they fall on a spectrum of emotional style. And teaches “meditation practices that can help participants change their brains and emotional style to increase focus, decrease stress, and help cultivate a more caring and mindful life.”

Check out a trailer for the course here.

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