I wonder, is it even possible to get through New Year’s Eve without a critique of the last 12 months? Time spent either alone or with loved ones traipsing down memories—hopefully more time spent laughing than shuddering as the year is reviewed and revised.
I like to do a fast write of memories on New Year’s Eve and then review what I wrote a year earlier—kind of like a coffee date with an old friend over the holidays. There have been some losses this year: my father, my godmother, a young cousin, but even inside the pain there have been moments to cherish. My large, blended family standing close together while my father passed. Precious hours holding my godmother’s impossibly soft hand on one of her last days, laughing together over family memories and witnessing her joy about moving on to whatever comes next. I’ll honor and carry these moments into the next year and let them shape the resolutions I can’t resist making on January first. Resolutions to be kinder, to give more, to fret less.

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