I love the picture attached to this post. I took it this afternoon. No, the scene wasn’t originally black n white. I did that. Oddly, I love this change because of how much the real scene meant to me. Our first snow of the season outlining the branches of a Maple still colorful with bright yellow leaves. Once the snowstorm passed the sky became a cloudless blue for the first time in a week. The picture posted shows us none of that. The viewer gets to create their own story and layer their own truths on these branches. I’m mostly playing with this idea as a writer, but this also resonates with some favorite lines from Pema Chodron’s, Comfortable With Uncertainty.

From her section titled “No Such Thing as a True Story”

“In sitting meditation, our practice is to watch our thoughts arise, label them “thinking,” and return to the breath. If we were trying
to find the beginning, middle, and end of each thought we’d soon discover that there is no such thing. Trying to find the moment when
one thought becomes another is like trying to find the moment when boiling water turns into steam.”

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