Curiosity is my word for the year, and in this first week of January I’ve been mainly interested in the subject of engagement. Or, I should say, curious about the subject of engagement.

One of the oldest meanings of the word is to pledge oneself. This can be to an activity or to a promise or, of course, to another person. It seems to me there are two levels to this engagement. First that pledge and then the activity that comes with it. Making a pledge to another isn’t that difficult, but the actions necessary to keep, to be true to, any pledge are often quite difficult. Today I’m thinking about how meditation can be an engagement. We pledge or commit to the activity and then need to do the darn activity! Perhaps this is true for any of the pledges we make on New Year’s Eve. Even a pledge to let curiosity be a driving force for the year. The thing I most want to say is that when we start by making a pledge to engage with ourselves in some healthy way (like meditation or a daily walk for example) and stick with that pledge, we then become better able to engage with others–be they loved ones, work mates, or anyone we meet throughout the day.

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