Publication List

My Neglected Gods (poetry and prose collection, coming in July, 2023 from Vine Leaves Press)

The Other Journal, July 13, 2022: “How the Water Holds Us”

The Other Journal, April 14, 2022: “How to Convince Yourself It’s Still Meditation When You’re Drinking Coffee”

Vine Leaves Press: 50 Give or Take, March 10, 2022: “Ringing In the New Year”

The 50-Word Stories of 2021: Microfiction for Lovers of Quick Reads (Anthology, Nov. 2021 from Vine Leaves Press)

Vine Leaves Press: 50 Give or Take, Jan. 20, 2021: “Summer Days”

Vine Leaves Press: 50 Give or Take, Dec. 20, 2020: “Covid Days”

Vine Leaves Press: 50 Give or Take, Nov. 15, 2020: “Preparation Short Story”

Full Stop, Oct. 23, 2020: “The Wanting was a Wilderness,” (Review)

The Peninsula Pulse, Oct., 2020:  “Shadow Selves”   (The Hal Prize edition: poetry)

WUWM 89.7, Milwaukee’s NPR, Sept. 18, 2020: “On Coming Home From the Conference”

WUWM 89.7, Milwaukee’s NPR, Aug. 26, 2020: “Who’s in a Name?”

This Is How We Leave (Memoir, Aug. 2020 from Vine Leaves Press)

Brevity Blog, Aug. 12 2020: “Who’s in a Name? On Writing About Family”

WUWM 89.7, Milwaukee’s NPR, Jan. 29, 2020: “Still Life”

Poetry South, 2019: “Preparation”

WUWM 89.7, Milwaukee’s NPR, Nov. 27, 2019: “Leftovers”

WUWM 89.7, Milwaukee’s NPR, Oct. 24, 2019: “In My Office”

The Citron Review, Sept. 2019: “Leftovers”

Brevity, Sept. 2019: “Still Life”

The Mindful Word, 2019: “Things I’ve Forgotten Just for Today”

Auscult, 2019: “She Wouldn’t Rule Anything Out”

Hamline Lit Link, Aug. 8, 2019: “Telling It Slant”

Nebo: A Literary Journal, vol. 37 # 2, spring 2019: “The Occasional Wallop”

Corners: Voices on Change (Anthology), Jack Walker Press 2018: “I’m Sorry” 

Auscult, 2018: “On Coming Home From the Conference” (reprint)

The Museum of Americana, Issue 13, fall 2017: “Just Leave the Damn Thing Open”

Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal, Oct. 2017: “Legacy “

The Peninsula Pulse, Aug. 4-11, 2017: “Things That Won’t Happen Again”  (The Hal Prize, First Place)

The Peninsula Pulse, Aug. 4-11, 2017: “On Coming Home from the Conference”  (The Hal Prize, Honorable Mention)

Family Stories from the Attic (Anthology), Hidden Timber Books 2017: “In my Office”

Midwestern Gothic, winter 2017: “If not for the Mess”

Redivider, vol.13.2: “The Hallway in my House”

WUWM Lake Effect, Feb. 12, 2016: “Love Lost”

The NoteBook, no.5, winter 2016: “Alley Days”  

Orphans: An Anthology of Prose,  The Tishman Review 2015: “Riptides”

WUWM Lake Effect, Oct. 21, 2015: “Reading Material” (reprint)

Consequence Magazine, Oct. 6, 2015: “And All That Came Before”  

WUWM Lake Effect, Aug. 14, 2015:  “Hangers” (reprint)

The Tishman Review, July, 2015: “26 Shades of Fun”

The Tishman Review, Nov, 2014: 

Brevity, Jan. 24, 2015: “Review of Blake Bailey’s The Splendid Things We Planned”

The Riding Light Review, vol.1, Issue 1, summer 2014: “Seeking Our Fortunes”

The Notebook, No. 2, spring 2014: “Hangers” 

WUWM Lake Effect, Dec. 2012: “If Not for the Shimmering Glow”

WUWM Lake Effect, June, 2012: “Love Bites”

Nomos Cookbook, 2012: “Reading Material”

Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, 2012: “Who Do You Tell”

WUWM Lake Effect, Aug. 1, 2011: “The Lingering Goddess Speaks” (reprint)

Spirituality&Health Magazine, July/August 2011: “The Lingering Goddess Speaks” 

Milwaukee Magazine Buzz Blog, March 25, 2011: “Sleeping With Scott”

WUWM Lake Effect, Jan.4, 2011: “Skiing Towards Enlightenment” (reprint)

More Magazine Online, Dec. 17, 2010: “Angel”

WUWM Lake Effect, Sept. 19, 2010: “Almost Gifts”

Generations Magazine, Winter, 2010: “Skiing Towards Enlightenment”

Where Do I Begin? One Woman’s Story, Thomas Press, Inc, 2010: (Coauthor)






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