Just This Day Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Writing the Mindful Journey




Learn to combine awareness of the present moment with writing that deepens every experience. Join us for gentle, easy mindfulness meditations and writing exercises that will enhance your creativity in all areas of life. Give your true voice space to roam and reawaken your intuitive self through guided exercises, discussion, and reflection. Appropriate for beginning meditators/writers as well as those with more experience.

Simple and Every Day


Begin or reboot your meditation practice with this simple program from the McLean Meditation Institute designed to help you incorporate meditation into a busy life as well as explore the many benefits of mindfulness. You’ll learn:


  • Long, Slow, Deep Breathing Practice
  • Body Awareness/Relaxation Practice
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Heart Centered Breath
  • Self-Inquiry Practices
  • Mindfulness Practices and more

Seeking the Soul Center


This 8-week course, based on the book, Soul Centered, by Sarah McLean is for those looking to deepen their experience of meditation with research-based practices that lead to a life that is increasingly aware, peaceful, and compassionate.



Attend or Host a Class

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