Wake Up! Mindful Writing

Stories Worth Telling

Some memories—especially those about ourselves or our families—simply must be written. And whether you want to share your stories with the world, loved ones, or in a private journal, this workshop will help you tell the stories that need to be told. Appropriate for writers of all levels, participants will learn to:

  • approach the past with curiosity that leads to new insights
  • remember more of the rich narratives of your personal history
  • enrich your writing with details and sensory imagery
  • find the “just right” place to begin stories

Write Your Spiritual Story

We all approach our spirituality—that link between the sacred and ourselves—in unique ways. Meet in community to honor and explore our connection to the sacred and to the self. Engage in guided written exercises developed by Joanne and other authors. Learn how well-known spiritual writers sustain their practice and create successful narratives. Give a written voice to your own spiritual story and leave with inspiring tools and strategies, all developed to make deepening your spirituality through writing easy to continue after our program.

Writing the Personal Essay: Getting Started and Then Some

An essay is a piece of writing on a particular subject and to assay is to discover, to look deeper. Some stories—whether about our pasts, our dreams, or our neighbors—need to be explored. Join us as we play with beginnings and develop our narratives. Along the way we’ll certainly assay—that is, we’ll find the moments in our work where we can go further, where we can discover our own unique truths about what needs to be said, and why we’ve picked this moment to say it.

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